Depression is the weird relative no one wants to talk about. It’s the unwelcome pimple that pops up the day of your first date. It’s a hole without depth, though it can feel deeper than the deepest canyon or as shallow as a puddle. It’s the thing that gets stuck in your tooth that no … More Real 

It’s not ok, I’m not ok…but that’s ok because I will be

Why do I feel like I have to lose my shit to become visible? To be heard? “You’re so strong, Stacy. I don’t know how you do it.” “You’re the strongest person I know, Stacy.” “You’re the strongest woman I know.” “I wish I was as strong as you are.” I can’t begin to tell … More It’s not ok, I’m not ok…but that’s ok because I will be


It’s not so complex, nor is it so simple The toss of the stone, the reach of the ripple The words that are spoken but never uttered  The broken heart, the compliment muttered  The thought on the lips that is never quite said The look on the face, a book just misread  But the stone … More Ripple 


Sometimes the air feels like fire my lungs can’t breathe in the burn Sometimes it feels like making mistakes is the only way that I’ll learn  Sometimes my heart aches with a beauty my eyes reveal to my soul Sometimes it shatters with ugly a gaping, empty hole Sometimes I cry when I wish I … More Sometimes 


I saw the light inside you glimmer like the sun The life inside you sparkled like you were the only one I watched you hear the words they spewed and saw the light grow dimmer  I watched the tears drown out your flame, the boil now a simmer  I saw you break apart, you crumbled … More Glimmer