I was so mad…

Ok, so today I woke up crabby as crap. I slept horribly, woke up with a headache, stepped in cat barf, had to unclog a toilet that I didn’t clog and that’s all before I even got to shower. 😤 Yesterday I wrote about staying positive…today is not off to a great start. But that’s ok too. It’s not that I think everyone should be Mary Poppins happy 24-7. Some days it just won’t work and you may just need to take your grumpy butt back to bed if you can or avoid human contact as much as possible. 🙂

I’m strong, but I get tired and worn out by life sometimes. I’m positive , but my mind can wander and muck about in the gunk of life. I’m blessed, but sometimes I allow myself to be sucked into the dark side. I’m grateful for my life but still sometimes I get jealous. I’m normally happy but sometimes I’m a grumpis, just ask my kids and James. 😉

If I try to tune into why I’m grumpy I can usually snap myself out of it and keep things in perspective. A bad day isn’t a bad life kind of thing. Sometimes I’m just too damn crabby to care and that is usually a sign to me that I need some alone time. A nap, a talk with a friend, a 15 minute walk by myself, a car ride listening to the Christian radio station, an extra long shower, a good 5-10 minute cry or to sit my crabby ass down and pray. 

The point of sharing this is  because it’s good for me to know my flaws, my weaknesses, etc. if I’m aware of them I can work on them. If I deny them or bury them, they will not go away, they will fester. And when that festering bubble pops, I will say something unkind to someone I love, I’ll have unrealistic expectations of myself and fail and then I’ll beat myself up for my failure. Ah…self sabatage, who doesn’t love that?  Don’t  get me wrong, I’m not hung up on my flaws, I know my strengths and my worth, but I’m no fool and I know that I am flawed. Thank God for grace! 

Anyway, you’ll have good days,you’ll have great days and you’ll have horrible, no good rotten days too. But that is ok. Have your bad moment, your bad day. The point isn’t that you can never have a bad day, we all do. The point is not to get stuck in the muck like a dirty little piggy in the stinky icky muck of life. Wash that crap off and move on. To deny how you feel isn’t healthy and can end up making things worse, at least for me. It’s something that I have to work on constantly. But I’m a work in progress…under construction…at 42 I’m still growing and learning and I hope I never stop. 😊 


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