I am who I am 

I am not a great singer…I sing anyway. I’m no dancing with the stars contestant…I dance anyway. I’m not a famous author…I write anyway. 

I sing to my cats. I make up ridiculously silly songs to sing to and entertain (torment) my kids.  I use a lot of hashtags on my Instagram pictures. I have a simple sense of humor and think some of the jokes in Laffy Taffy are hilarious. I love kids and animals. A lot. Even if they aren’t mine. I am a bookworm and can gobble up a good book in a day or two. I love to do crossword puzzles and Sudukos but cheat on some of the really hard ones and then feel guilty even though no one knows I did it. (Until now.) I have an enormous heart and I don’t restrict myself in who I love, they don’t even need to love me back. I cry…all the time; when I’m sad, mad, glad and bad. When I’m scared,frustrated, proud, inspired and empowered. When I’m feeling helpless and hopeless. When I watch sappy movies or commercials. I cry during sermons and after them. I see a beautiful sunset, I cry. I am a crier. 

I am 42 and I still don’t let my feet or arms hang over the edge of the bed (cuz monsters…duh). If I can’t see what’s under me, I’m not swimming in it. I love kid movies a lot, especially Sponge Bob . I believe in love, all kinds. I am fiercely loyal…it takes a lot to make me truly mad…it takes even more for me not to forgive. I believe in more than second chances for somethings. Once I love you, I love you no matter the time or distance that separates us. Sometimes I take myself too seriously. I am controlling and bossy sometimes because it gets stuff done but sometimes just because I’m afraid of not being in control. Sometimes I let my fear be bigger than my faith. I’m kind of a clean freak. Messes and disorder make my eye twitch. Cleaning is one of my stress relievers and helps me feel in control again when I’m kinda losing it.😬 

I don’t like cussing but sometimes I do. If I’m cussing, get me a cape cuz I’m Super Pissed. I cannot sit by and watch something happen that I don’t agree with if its going to hurt someone and have almost gotten my butt handed to me several times. I would be the person breaking your car window if you’re dumb enough to leave your kid or pet in it when it’s hot out. And I wouldn’t think twice about it. 

This is who I am…well part of who I am. It’s taken me at least 30 years to get to the point where I like who I am and if you don’t like me…I don’t waste my time trying to convince you. It’s taken me much too long to be comfortable in my own skin and to learn that what other people think about me isn’t my problem. That their judgment of me belongs to them. I love who I am. And that my friends or foes is a beautiful thing. Be you-everyone else is taken. 😘💕


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