Blowing the dust off 

I’ve loved words since I was little. Reading them, writing them, learning them. It’s time to blow the dust off some of the words I’ve written and take the leap of sharing them….


I’ll share a secret but you cannot tell

My heart is fragile but tough as hell

I’ve been through things I can’t explain 

I’ve shed tears that poured  like rain

I’ve shut off, closed up, hid and tuned out

I’ve stayed quiet when I’ve wanted to shout

I have laughed and loved and lived a lot 

I’ve scraped and clawed and always fought 

I am strong but I get worn out too

I am tough but I am just like you

I screw up and make mistakes 

But living my life is a risk I’ll take

The hurt, the pain and all the fears

The laughter, the loving and all the tears

My life is messy but it is mine

My life is imperfect and it suits me fine 


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