I Am The Tree

This picture personifies to me how I picture myself. 

I am the tree. 

Deep, strong roots that help to nourish the flowers around me, sturdy limbs that reach and stretch over the ones I love bending but never breaking, supple sheltering leaves that protect from the blistering sun and a tough bark that protects the softest parts of who I am. 

I’ve always felt this need to help others, to encourage the best in them and to help them see the parts of them they cannot or refuse to see. I love the feeling of giving someone a helping hand up if they fall, helping them to dust themselves off and start anew, cheering them on as they move past their hurts and sorrows, encouraging them to dig deep and press on. It sustains a need that dwells inside the heart of who I am. 

I am an encourager. I was born to cheer others on. As a little girl it was cheering on and encouraging my little brothers. Assuring them that they could ride that bike, they could climb that tree, they could run and jump and leap. In highschool it was cheering on my classmates in various sports. Although I was shy, sometimes painfully so, I thrust myself in front of the crowd and cheered those athletes on with a passion that fueled my soul. In college I chose a profession that would allow me to help the broken, the forgotten, the abused, the underdogs of this world if you will. Now I cheer on my children, my love, my family, my friends and anyone else who will let me. 

I know sometimes my positivity annoys some people although I hope I never understand why. Some have out rightly told me it’s annoying, with others it’s passive aggressive looks, ‘joking’ comments, eye rolls. But still I will carry on and be who I was made to be. I will not be deterred not because I want the praise or recognition, I actually very much dislike being the center of attention. It’s because it truly fulfills me. It sustains me, because I know now that I was born an encourager, a supporter, a cheerleader, a positive sparkle who wants to help you shine as brightly as you were meant to. 

I am the tree and there’s no one else I’d rather be. 


One thought on “I Am The Tree

  1. I agree you are a tree and I love the shelter you give me, the praise and encouragement. It always makes me pause to think about how alike we are. 💜

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