I saw the light inside you glimmer like the sun

The life inside you sparkled like you were the only one

I watched you hear the words they spewed and saw the light grow dimmer 

I watched the tears drown out your flame, the boil now a simmer 

I saw you break apart, you crumbled with each word

Sadness with its gnarled fingers beckoned and it lured 

You eyes no longer glimmered, your light no longer shone

Even in a crowded room you still felt all alone 

I wish I would have fought for you to show you that I could 

If I could take it all away I hope you know I would 

But hateful words were hurled, tossed and thrown 

I wonder if they’d change it now if only they had known 

How much the words they threw like blades

Pierced and killed, rotting like a fungus invades

I saw the light inside you once glimmer 

And watched as it grew so much dimmer

Someplace deep where faith stayed stuck

I pulled that glimmer out of the muck 

I brushed it off, I wiped it clean

I saw it shimmer, I saw it gleam

I fought to keep the words at bay

Without their power, they did not stay

I didn’t know then how to fight for my shine

I didn’t quite know how to fight for what’s mine 

I’m learning now how to keep my light 

How to let it glimmer and shine so bright 

It’s a lesson I learn every single day 

About the power of the words that your lips say

About the power you have to steal or dampen someone’s light


The power you have to help them shine, to make their glimmer bright 


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