Sometimes the air feels like fire my lungs can’t breathe in the burn

Sometimes it feels like making mistakes is the only way that I’ll learn 

Sometimes my heart aches with a beauty my eyes reveal to my soul

Sometimes it shatters with ugly a gaping, empty hole

Sometimes I cry when I wish I could smile 

Sometimes I smile to fake out and beguile 

Sometimes I’m strong like hard cold steel 

Sometimes I’m weak and don’t know how I feel 

Sometimes I float on a cloud feeling pretty 

Sometimes I hide in an ugly that’s gritty

Sometimes I feel all the feels at one time

Sometimes I feel like I’m only a mime 

Sometimes I feel joy that could split open the world 

Sometimes I feel sadness like a hurricane swirled 

Sometimes I’m a mess sometimes I am neat 

Sometimes I am wicked sometimes I am sweet 

Sometimes the words flow freely and pure

Sometimes my tongue freezes stuck in life’s whir

Sometimes my green eyes are green with desire 

Sometimes the green is jealous wild fire

Sometimes I feel what I can’t say I felt 

Sometimes I curse the hand I was dealt 

Sometimes you see me and sometimes you don’t 

Sometimes I let you and sometimes I won’t 



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