Rise Up

Chaos has pursued me most of my life Hungry and ready to cause me strife  It pushes, it pulls, it kicks and it shoves My desperation is something it loves It stalks me, waiting for me to surrender Life without chaos, can I remember? But I know something chaos does not I am a fighter, … More Rise Up

I Am The Tree

This picture personifies to me how I picture myself.  I am the tree.  Deep, strong roots that help to nourish the flowers around me, sturdy limbs that reach and stretch over the ones I love bending but never breaking, supple sheltering leaves that protect from the blistering sun and a tough bark that protects the … More I Am The Tree

Just the ramblings of a mother remembering who she was before she was a mother and everything in between.

I am who I am 

I am not a great singer…I sing anyway. I’m no dancing with the stars contestant…I dance anyway. I’m not a famous author…I write anyway.  I sing to my cats. I make up ridiculously silly songs to sing to and entertain (torment) my kids.  I use a lot of hashtags on my Instagram pictures. I have … More I am who I am 

I was so mad…

Ok, so today I woke up crabby as crap. I slept horribly, woke up with a headache, stepped in cat barf, had to unclog a toilet that I didn’t clog and that’s all before I even got to shower. 😤 Yesterday I wrote about staying positive…today is not off to a great start. But that’s … More I was so mad…