I Am The Tree

This picture personifies to me how I picture myself.  I am the tree.  Deep, strong roots that help to nourish the flowers around me, sturdy limbs that reach and stretch over the ones I love bending but never breaking, supple sheltering leaves that protect from the blistering sun and a tough bark that protects the … More I Am The Tree

Just the ramblings of a mother remembering who she was before she was a mother and everything in between.

I am who I am 

I am not a great singer…I sing anyway. I’m no dancing with the stars contestant…I dance anyway. I’m not a famous author…I write anyway.  I sing to my cats. I make up ridiculously silly songs to sing to and entertain (torment) my kids.  I use a lot of hashtags on my Instagram pictures. I have … More I am who I am 

I was so mad…

Ok, so today I woke up crabby as crap. I slept horribly, woke up with a headache, stepped in cat barf, had to unclog a toilet that I didn’t clog and that’s all before I even got to shower. 😤 Yesterday I wrote about staying positive…today is not off to a great start. But that’s … More I was so mad…